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What is coming in Argus

The past few weeks have been absolutely incredible. August was recording breaking on every front. Not only did we pass 50,000 bloggers, we also had the most blogger signups in a single month, the most advertiser signups in a month and by far our biggest month of sales, blowing past the already aggressive goal we had. We grew sales 62% from July to August and September should be very strong as well.

The amount of Opps being put through the system is staggering, we are bringing on two more Customer Love representatives to handle the demand. If you have noticed any delays please bear with us, growth like this can be difficult to manage.

I am overwhelmed with excitement! Things are going very well with the current system and Argus is gaining shape as each day passes. I have been working hand and hand with Pete and team to define every button, form and piece of functionality in the system. I have worked on some pretty large web projects in the past, but this effort is enormous in comparison.


Those that attended the focus group saw rough black and white wireframes which have now been transformed into a beautiful user experience. I would like to give Scott at MindComet a shout out for creating such a kick ass design from my wireframes. It is gorgeous... he has such a gift.

The dev team has taken the designs and put together the first few functional screens of the system. One of those screens is the new "Postie Profile". We are making it much easier for Advertisers to locate and hire Posties in Argus, this has been a highly requested feature. In order to create Postie Profiles we are going to require some additional information about you as a blogger. In the coming weeks expect to see a form inside of the current system that allows you to populate your profile before the new system launches.

There has been a lot of discussion around PPP Tools, domains, blog hosting platforms and Argus. I would like to clarify a few things surrounding these topics. Argus makes extensive use of PPP Tools, a piece of javascript that you copy and paste into the HTML of your blog. In Argus PPP Tools will be utilized to provide actual traffic data to advertisers surrounding visits, pageviews, click throughs, traffic sources, etc. We never found a replacement to Performancing that worked so we have built our own analytics engine...and it is incredible. While we will still offer Alexa and Google as influence indicators Advertisers will be able to segment on actual traffic in Argus. This is great news for international bloggers that have high percentages of US based traffic.

Perhaps more important than actual traffic segmentation is more accurate and expanded advertiser reporting. The more data we can provide Advertisers the easier it becomes to demonstrate and maximize ROI. If you can't install PPP Tools you can't provide reporting or traffic data to Advertisers. If an advertiser has to choose between someone who reports data vs. someone who doesn't chances are they will choose the blogger that does. That data is critical for Advertisers to do their job and determine advertising effectiveness.

Another issue that comes into play has to do with free blog hosting platforms. Many of these platforms don't allow javascript in any form, making it impossible to install PPP Tools and report traffic. In addition, traffic on these blogs is aggregated under the master domain. For instance, if you have a blog on live journal all of that traffic is attributed to live journal by the media reporting agencies like comScore. There is no way to separate out your blog traffic so there is no way for us to provide information to the advertiser about your blog.

PPP Tools will also unlock an exciting new blog monetization option. I can't say too much about this right now, but let's just say you will be able to choose from more than just sponsored posts. You guys will really like this ; )

With all that said you don't have to move your blog if you don't want to. We are going to be marketing Posties of all types like never before. However, please realize that you are at an inherent disadvantage to those with their own domain and PPP Tools installed. The choice is yours, I just want to make sure that your decision to stay with your current setup or move is an informed one. If it was me and I was a serious blogger I would bite the bullet and make the change. You don't want to be left out.

Argus is going to be the biggest disruptor to hit blogging since PPP launched last year. Get ready guys... this is going to be big.

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Comments (RSS)

Okonkwo said...

I've installed PPP tools successfully on - just give me the opps....please. :-)

Sep 2, 2007 4:07:16 PM

historymike said...

If we move our blogs to the new platform, will we be able to keep our Page Rank?

One of the reasons I have stuck with Blogger is because of the traffic I get through Google, as my PageRank hovers between 5 and 6. With other platforms, I would take a huge hit by switching.

Sep 2, 2007 4:44:20 PM

Lisa said...

I can not wait to see how things progress in the future. Argus seems VERY exciting, and I'm very much looking forward to seeing the system in action! :)

Sep 2, 2007 5:14:19 PM

Tina Silva said...

How exciting!! I can't wait to see it in action. PPP is da bomb! xoxo

Sep 2, 2007 5:21:44 PM

Owen said...

Looks like you'll be gathering some interesting stats. The ones around mouse movement and time measurements look particularly interesting.

Sep 2, 2007 5:31:03 PM

Amy said...

Very exciting!

Is Marty no longer with the company, though?

Sep 2, 2007 7:08:30 PM

Ted Murphy said...

No, Marty is still here but is slammed with marketing work.

Sep 2, 2007 8:30:34 PM

Eric said...

What is the basic time frame for the release of Argus? Before the end of the year? You know we are entering a heavy advertising period before the holidays, so any improvements on the PPP platform will have a major impact on postie revenue!

Sep 2, 2007 9:06:32 PM

Linky Love said...

The flip side of the record amount of posties is that the non US posties are enormously left out of the new PPP cake.

You can read how bad it is in blogs that state their monthly earnings: August is an enormous downfall for PPP earnings.

I changed the domain of my PR5 blogspot to a dot net. PR is now zero and because there is no PR update, it keeps on being zero. Needless to say: it was better to have a blogspot with PR 5 in the PPP system than a dot net with PR zero when it comes to grabbing opportunities.

Normally though your PR should be "back to whre is was" after 1 or 2 PR updates.

Sep 2, 2007 9:31:43 PM

Marisa said...

Every time I read about Argus my heart skips a beat. I'm ready to test!

Sep 2, 2007 11:24:04 PM

Jaz said...

To be honest, I don't know whether to feel really happy or feel like my poor little blogs have been sold down the river.

I realize that none of these posties that are all happy are going to understand that. I just hope that the little guy isn't treated the same way they were on another website I once knew. Sigh.

Do I understand the way this works...that the ones who put the widget on the blog AND have good traffic AND improve on their profiles like giving a lot of information..are the ones that will get all the excellent opps? And the ones that do not want to do such things are pretty much left out in the cold or have the shot at the small opps or none at all?

Is that what I'm reading here? We're dumping PR and Alexa (interesting. google won't co-operate and update and Alexa is a losing proposition to start with)and going with your special way of choosing posties for the opps...hmmm, like the tack rating?

Am I sounding a bit unhappy? I guess I am. Will I quit? Only if it's forced. But it sure is looking grim for some of us unless this is not what's going on. Is it?

Sep 2, 2007 11:55:24 PM

Kat said...

Ted, Pete, you better let me in the test group, I'm dying to play with it!

I'm all for providing as much info as is needed to get more work, better paying work.
What I saw of that part, and hope I'm understanding correctly, is that the more info I provide, the more adverts will be able to decide who to give opps to.
As long as I don't have to give a SS# to adverts personally, or a drop of blood, sign away my first born, I'm all in.

I already provide a ton of personal information about myself to other companies (not just paid blogging) in order to receive certain services.
If you need my demographics of my home life, 2 kids, 3 cats, income per year, major purchases, interests, shopping habits, you got it.
If it means more money in my pocket to provide for my family, I'm on it like white on rice.
Now, gimme access to test the thing...LOL

Sep 3, 2007 12:03:20 AM

Lucynda Riley said...

I'm a little concerned about the new system two since two of my best paying blogs are both on free domains. At the same time i wonder whats considered good traffic.

Sep 3, 2007 12:39:27 AM

Linky Love said...

Ok, do we have to say we want to test? Then I say I want to test !

I am all in because I am an outmost strong believer that traffic and visitor segmentation is the way to give advertisers value for money.

Sep 3, 2007 4:53:56 AM

Archit T said...

Very excited to see the upcoming new PPP face!

Sep 3, 2007 6:19:53 AM

Elizabeth said...

"Do I understand the way this works...that the ones who put the widget on the blog AND have good traffic AND improve on their profiles like giving a lot of information..are the ones that will get all the excellent opps? And the ones that do not want to do such things are pretty much left out in the cold or have the shot at the small opps or none at all?"

I don't understand why someone wouldn't want to use the PPP tools, report their traffic, and give more info in their profile. If you don't have high traffic, no one is saying you won't still be able to find paying opps on PPP. Ted is saying that if you do install the tools, and do report your traffic, and do give advertisers more info, you will have better opps. How can you say that isn't fair? I work hard on my blogs and I view what I do for PPP as a JOB. If you want to get ahead at work, you have to be willing to roll with the changes!

I'll tell you anything you want to know. Please let me play with Argus!!

Sep 3, 2007 2:08:54 PM

Kat said...

In Argus PPP Tools will be utilized to provide actual traffic data to advertisers surrounding visits, pageviews, click throughs, traffic sources, etc.

The PPP tools you have installed, or will install, will be doing the traffic counting. You won't have to provide that information, they will obtain it through the PPP tools.

If your traffic concerns you, if you don't feel you are reaching enough people, start working on that now.
Start leaving comments on other blogs more than you do now.
Network, join social networking sites where you can add your url, have your rss feed pulled so more people will come to your blog to read you.
Join blogrolls and link lists.
Increase your content, get your posts dugg and stumbled.
If you want the traffic, you have to take it seriously, and you have to work at it.

The only way a blog will not benefit from Argus is if they do not take advantage of all it will have to offer.
If you choose not to provide personal information, demographics, etc, then that will be your choice.
The adverts want to know who best to advertise with for their products.
The marketplace is great, but it's not targeting the demographics the adverts are wanting.
The more info you provide, the more information the adverts will have, the better it will be for all involved.

Sep 3, 2007 2:18:55 PM

Jaz said...

Kat and Elizabeth, you both are acting like I am asking questions that have a DUH! after them. Sigh. I did know that some people would not understand my concerns. Yes, the tools sound a point. The widget, for instance, is going to do all this info gathering for PPP. However, I work for more companies than PPP. I am concerned that they will not be happy about this. I think that concern is important since I DO consider this a JOB.

Yes, I need the traffic. Yes, I would love to get those big opps. But I think I have a right to some concerns here. If PPP cannot respond to these easy questions then it could be a real problem later on for others too.

For the record, Ted DID answer a couple of these questions on the forum:

For that, I was very grateful. Thanks Ted!

Sep 3, 2007 3:07:21 PM

Kat said...

Who will not be happy about the other companies? PPP or the other companies?
I'm not understanding how the PPP tools, which will do data and traffic counting, will affect any other company.

Sep 3, 2007 3:54:24 PM

Jaz said...

Because it's tracking everything from your blog including the other paid posts you write. At least, that is what it sounds like to me. Perhaps I'm all wrong here but that's what it sounds like.

Sep 3, 2007 4:09:11 PM

Jaz said...

And because it will be giving the info to PPP only. That way, they have the traffic info on ALL posts on the blog. They can then judge what works and what does not. It will be a heads up for PPP that the other companies will not have even on their own product.

A question. Do the posties get this access to this info that's being gathered on their sites?


Sep 3, 2007 4:15:35 PM

Kat said...

Ok, Ted, please don't kill me...LOL

Ok, what I saw of the data tracking stuff, you will be able to see the data analysis, not just PPP.
There's a certain section that will show you the stuff you talk about. It will be accessible to others.
I really can't say anything else. I can't! Ted will have my head in a vice and stabbing me in the eyes with hot pokers.
Just try and be patient. I know it's all sounding kinda scary, but what I saw, will be beneficial not just to PPP and the bloggers, but to everyone. Like anyone will be able to access certain parts of this, not just PPP, not just posties.

Sep 3, 2007 4:41:51 PM

Jaz said...

Hmmm, now that sounds interesting.

Sep 3, 2007 9:26:34 PM

Rain said...

I'm confused =(

Sep 4, 2007 5:30:47 AM

Andy Beard said...

Will you also be having encoded links (with a 301 redirect) so you can track clicks from rss and email subscriptions.

Quite often only 10 or 20% of the traffic I send to a site comes from clicks on the site itself, and some of my content also gets syndicated by sites such as WebProNews and more recently Blogburst.

Sep 4, 2007 7:24:10 AM

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